2020 has been so 🍌bananas🍌! Well, literally this year has been 🌾dry farmed barley, mixed grain, rice, beans, celery, bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes, stonefruit, acorn squash, butternut squash, red kuri squash, russet potatoes, onions and yams … plus some organic whole fruit jerky and some plant based Beyond Meat🌱 to be EXACT! We know, it’s all sounding very delicious!

What we mean to say is that 2020 has provided Farm2People with an incredible challenge and the amazing opportunity to activate and create solutions

Quarterly Recap

2020 Rundown

F2P Future

Hunger, unfortunately, is on the rise.

Co-founder farm2people.org . Building a resilient food system. At the intersection of #regenerative #technology #foodjustice . CEO kinestry.io . #AI 🌿🌎

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