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While working for a large Food and Beverage Company, I was part of a team in charge of deploying LEAN and Continuous Improvement practices across multiple functions. It was a multi-year project impacting hundreds of thousands of employees, requiring shifting entire behaviors and habits to evolve into a culture of adaptability, openness to innovation, and experimental mindsets for new ideas to drive change. It required equipping managers with new ways of leading our teams through co-creation and empowerment rather than rigid top-down command and control management. The initiative required a drastic culture change.

The challenge was to convince leaders why…

2020 has been so 🍌bananas🍌! Well, literally this year has been 🌾dry farmed barley, mixed grain, rice, beans, celery, bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes, stonefruit, acorn squash, butternut squash, red kuri squash, russet potatoes, onions and yams … plus some organic whole fruit jerky and some plant based Beyond Meat🌱 to be EXACT! We know, it’s all sounding very delicious!

What we mean to say is that 2020 has provided Farm2People with an incredible challenge and the amazing opportunity to activate and create solutions

Quarterly Recap

Since we last spoke, we have supported organic and organic practicing farms with a fair, wholesale market…

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We live in extraordinary times and organizations hadn’t planned for it. There are no business books nor MBA programs that have taught us how to respond when the entire economy is in lockdown because of a global pandemic.

A few years ago, I was involved in managing the crisis of a cyber attack in the last organization I was working with. We had clear protocols and processes in place to ensure business continuity. This time it’s different. There are no models that could have anticipated the scale of this planetary crisis.

During times like this, we often see organizations cut back on their innovation budget, even close entire departments, as a reaction to dealing with immediate short term problems. Too often, this reaction comes from a misperception of the role of innovation. …

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Innovation is everyone’s job. It starts with creativity.

With the accelerating pace of social, cultural, economic and technological transformations, organizations must find ways to constantly navigate the unknown. It is crucial today to have the ability to innovate, and this requires all employees to adapt to creativity. The importance of establishing a culture of innovation is the conversation I have with my clients and it’s the center of my innovation practice.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of creativity is the image of an artist working alone in a studio. In business, creativity remains an artform and shouldn’t be alienated to a single meaning…

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Part 1: Why outsourcing innovation is not sustainable

The term innovation is used so often today that it seems to have lost its meaning.

Some consider innovation a process which generates value from new solutions. Others say that successful innovation is achieved only when a product or service changes consumer behavior.

However, the conversation we find the most interesting is not about innovation for its own sake, but about innovative organizations and their ability to

“depart quickly from their planned trajectory and jump onto a new opportunity; they’re organizations that recognize and take an active role in introducing new behaviors that were unknown.” …

Eric Holdener

Co-founder . Building a resilient food system. At the intersection of #regenerative #technology #foodjustice . CEO . #AI 🌿🌎

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